Gabrielle Rota

Gabrielle, a Nashville native, comes in with an impressive résumé, including managing The Cosmetic Market in Green Hills for many years. With a passion for fitness, customer service, and pouring into others, Gabrielle is fulfilling her long time dream of a career in fitness. We’re so excited she’s a MUVFit coach!

Quote from Gabrielle

”The body is only as healthy as the mind which moves it. My role as your fitness coach is to facilitate your empowerment and encourage you to recapture control of your livelihood while creating a better relationship with the vehicle that you adventure, create, and experience this life in – YOUR BODY. Whether it be achieving new levels of physical strength or expelling false and disapproving beliefs about yourself, it is my absolute passion in life to help you awaken your inner spirit and help guide you on your journey of achieving the goals that you once believed to be unachievable. Let’s get to work!”