An Affordable Personal Training Option in Nashville

Have you ever considered hiring a personal trainer? If so, you most likely have found the biggest obstacle to be the expense. After all, like most things, personal trainers worth hiring are typically quite expensive. After 16 years in the industry doing mainly private, 1-on-1 training, I began to review the viability of that moving into a future in which people are being more mindful of how they spend their money. Heck, I’m one of them! I started to think about ways we could deliver what I feel is the best affordable personal training Nashville has to offer. The same type of coaching, accountability, support and motivation – but in a group environment!

Most People Don’t Need 1-on-1 Personal Training

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The reality is that most people do not need 1-on-1 attention. Now most 1-on-1 trainers would argue this, but I can assure you they don’t want me to say this because it will hurt their income potential. But that’s not my concern – my concern is the everyday, busy Mom who wants a fitness solution that works with their hectic schedule and budget. My concern is the busy professional that has an incredibly stressful job and limited time and needs a health plan that complements their life – not runs it.

1-on-1 Personal Training is Overkill for Most People

Do you really need a trainer hovering over your shoulder counting to 10 for you? Do you think it healthy to rely on one single person for all your health needs? What if that person quits or moves? Does that mean you give up? I see it all the time. I am finding that people need a TEAM to help them reach their fitness and health goals.

We have created exactly that at MUVFit Personal Training. Our personal training is second to none in the quality it provides (high level coaching), the flexibility it allows, the value (we provide much more than just workout sessions), and the affordability of what used to be a service that only the elite could afford.

Why Choose MUVFit?

We have created a what we think is the best Group Fitness Training Nashville has to offer. Our program at MUVFit that exceeds that of any “bootcamp” or “class” option in Nashville. We personalize the program to each individual with a unique movement assessment. Clients use fashionable colored bands on their wrist to alert the coaches of any movement issues they may have. We keep you accountable by assigning a coach to you to keep up with your goals, your progress, and any nutrition guidance you need. We make sure you show up!

Whereas typical group fitness has you thrown into a large group where you’re doing the same thing everyone else is with very little attention to form, we limit our Group Training to 10 clients to deliver outstanding coaching. It really is a personal training experience in a group setting.

If you want an even more customized approach, we have our Personal Training program. Again – rather than waste your money on unnecessary private training, we have set our program up to deliver exactly what you get in a private session – but we do it in a small group. In any given session, there could be 1-4 clients sharing the attention of a high level coach. But here’s the kicker — every single person in that session has their OWN customized program!

Even better is the flexibility of each program. You have an online account and book sessions as they work for YOUR schedule. Gone are the days of texting a trainer back and forth trying to fit into THEIR schedule. This is about you!

Finally, the community feel and welcoming vibe of this program is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Just listen to one of our clients who recently began:

“After 3 workouts, I can honestly say that this has been the best decision of my life! My expectations were probably on the high side just based on what my friends have both told me, but you guys have FAR surpassed that. It’s the most welcoming and encouraging place I’ve ever been – not even just for a gym. The coaches are amazingly patient and thoughtful. They each made sure I was 100% clear on what I needed to do. They have pushed me when I needed it (already went up on weight for 2 of my exercises!!) and did it in the most bubbly, high energy way. That increase in 5 lbs felt just as important as I would’ve expected a 20 lb increase to feel.

It’s SO easy to schedule online!

Seriously, you’ve created a special thing here, and I’m so thankful I get to be a part of it.”

– Sarah C.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’ve been looking for a solution that delivers results, takes the intimidation out of fitness, and has you looking forward to your workout each day, check out MUVFit Personal Training. We would love to meet you.

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