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Dear Friend:

It’s really true…you CAN lose weight and keep it off forever!

Now, for all my skeptical friends out there, let me share this with you first to set your mind at ease and show you how our program is different – REALLY DIFFERENT!

How is it different?

You mean, other than the fact that IT WORKS?

That’s easy. It’s different because…I UNDERSTAND what has held you back and it’s not your fault.

I understand that you have probably dragged yourself into the gym with the best of intentions and worked hard for months on end… And after all that work – NO RESULTS…

You may have tried awful diets only to fall off for a day and feel like you failed.

Maybe you’ve tried home gyms, exercise videos, fitness apps, or even $10/month gyms…only to get nowhere.

It’s ok. You’re not alone.

And that’s why we’ve developed…


We’ve helped hundreds of Nashville residents just like you change their lives with our Training Program delivered by a team of the most result-producing, caring, and motivational trainers in our area. Our program has proven to work for clients of all ages and fitness levels time and again.

Here’s why this program works so well…

Our Program Is Customized To Meet You Where You Are Today And Take You Where You Want To Go…

What we do is fuse cutting-edge training methods with FUN and challenging program design so your body will transform at a rapid rate…

We also apply the right mindset, energy and world class motivation along with top notch guidance, instruction and accountability to give you a personal training experience with extraordinary results!

Want to try us out before committing?

Personal Training 2 Week Test Drive

What you get:

Movement assessment and InBody™ body composition test
Custom-built program
3 Personal Training sessions per week for 2 weeks
Orientation Session to make sure you are 100% ready for your trial
2 Week Accountability Program
Access to our Members Only Facebook Support Group for daily motivation


Our Personal Training program is Customized Training in a Small Group (1-4 clients) Setting – You’ll receive customized sessions (we build a program for you) that will constantly drive you towards your ideal body as fast as possible. Each person in this session is doing their own program while sharing the attention of the coach.

Motivation – We will motivate you every single time you come in for a training session so reaching your fitness goals will be easy. Without this external motivation, it is extremely difficult for most people to get into shape. You’ll also get this in our Members’ Only Facebook Support Group.

Instruction – We will show you exactly how to do every exercise safely and correctly (you won’t be one of the countless people wasting their time using ineffective and dangerous exercise form.)

Support – We will give you mental, physical and emotional support which is crucial in making consistent progress (When most people start an exercise program on their own they quit within 60 days… we’re here to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.)

Accountability – We’ll make sure you show up to your training sessions and keep you accountable daily to your health goals -whether that’s fat loss, toning, muscle building, or whatever!

Nutritional Instruction – You’ll discover the right plan for you through daily accountability and habit change. We will teach you how to do this forever.

Fun Workouts – If you don’t enjoy something you probably won’t stick with it… so we make sure you have a good time during your workouts (You’re actually going to look forward to working out for once!)

Push you when you need it – Let face it, everybody has days where they’re not feeling 100%, even the best of us. That’s why we’re here to lift you up, cheer you on and give you a kick in the butt when you need it. (We’re here to make sure you always rise to the occasion and maximize every single time you step into the gym… this just isn’t possible without a coach)

So What Kind Of Results Can you Expect?

As a client in our Program, here’s what you can expect…

You’ll Learn the Habits to Lose The Fat Once And For All – With conventional methods over 93% of people who lose fat gain it all back. We’ll show you how to do be part of the 7% of people who keep the fat off forever (This alone is worth at least 10 times the cost of the program.)

You’ll Do the Right Exercises to Add Lean Muscle  – The word “toning” simply means adding lean muscle while burning fat so you can SEE the muscle.  When people rely on crash diets and just do cardio, they might lose a little weight, but end up burning just as much muscle as fat, so they look like a weaker, smaller version of themselves. With our program,  you will look fit and healthy.

You’ll Gain Confidence – As a part of our program you’ll be assured of a ‘win’ every day you step foot in the gym. You’ll look better and be stronger…and you’ll have accomplished your goals – all together giving you the confidence you deserve.

You’ll Enjoy Better Health, Have More Energy…you name it, it’s going to improve. You’ll be on the fast track to becoming the best version of you.

One Thing You Should Know Before You Contact Us – 

Since We’re A High Quality Service That Will Finally Give You The Results You Deserve, Our Prices Aren’t The Lowest In Town…

So if you want someone to rent you access to equipment for $10 a month or a trainer who gives you a one-size-fits-all workout…then we’re not for you.

When it comes to your health, happiness and the way you look, are you looking to skimp or are you looking for RESULTS?

The truth is, if you’re looking for a low-end service and you’ll settle for low-end results then we’re not for you…

But with that in mind, we don’t just want you to take our word for it.

Since were are so confident in our services, we’ll let you Test Drive this Best In Class Personal Training Program for only $199! 

Or Call 615-530-8999 Right Now!

Yes! I want to begin now! I can’t wait to get started!


Personal Training 2 Week Test Drive $199

Or Call 615-530-8999 Right Now!

I really am excited to help you lose weight and get in great shape. Helping my neighbors in Nashville with their health and fitness goals is my passion – I’m 100% dedicated to helping you achieve your goals!


Let’s get started!

P.S. – Here’s the deal…I KNOW our program works. I see it time and time again. If you’re hesitant or just not sure if it’s a right fit, TRY IT! It’s only 2 weeks of your life, and if it’s not for you, that’s ok! I’ll give you your money back – no questions asked. At least you’ll KNOW.


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