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MUVFit (pronounced Move Fit) Personal Training is a locally owned, exclusive personal training studio in West Nashville. If you’re looking for the best personal trainers Nashville has to offer with a track record of producing AMAZING results for our clients, then check out our introductory offers for first timers.

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Why Choose MUVFit Personal Training?

Our personal training clients come to MUVFit because they desire change in their life. They stay with MUVFit because they see results, feel supported, and find a family that provides accountability, community and friendship.

Owner Daniel Meng founded MUVFit to provide a welcoming, no-judgement space where clients can take a few minutes of the day to concentrate on making themselves better. We provide an elite level of personal training for those looking for sustainable results and a smarter way to train. We provide personal training to clients in greater Nashville, Belle Meade, West Meade, The Nations, Charlotte Park, Bellevue and Sylvan Park.

Personal Training You Can Afford

MUVFit’s mission is to provide the highest quality, professional lifestyle coaching and personal training services for our clients in order to produce desired results quickly and safely – at a fraction of the typical personal trainer’s session price – and with more flexibility!

How do we do this?

  • We deliver our personal training program in a semi-private envirtonment which allows us to charge you LESS. But make no mistake – this is no class.
  • Every personal training client gets their own CUSTOM program. You’re simply sharing the attention of the Coach in a small 4 clients to 1 coach setting.
  • You are moving at your OWN pace. You are not competing with anyone. You will be guided and coached based on where YOU are starting from.
  • We have a FLEXIBLE schedule so your schedule can fit you each week (no more locked in days/times – choose what you want each week!)
  • You get your own Accountability Coach to help you in your journey and have UNLIMITED access to them.
  • And you have a FAMILY of like-minded clients supporting you.

You get everything a 1-on-1 personal trainer can offer with more flexibility, more support and at a lower price! WIN!

Train Smarter, Not Harder

A lack of knowledge, a “workout till you puke” mentality, and inconsistent assessment strategies by most personal trainers make it difficult for people to understand what they need to do to get healthy. People are getting hurt in gyms in unprecedented numbers.

There is a smarter way to train! MUVFit was founded on this very principle. Our Nashville personal trainers create customized programs that are safe, effective and efficient. Plus, we GUARANTEE RESULTS!

Free No Obligation Consultation

Request a FREE initial consultation to see how MUVFit’s personal trainers in Nashville, TN can effectively help you achieve fitness results quicker and safer with our proven methodology.

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