Lori Has Lost 40 lbs and 4 Pants Sizes

Lori Conley’s son, Thomas, needs a kidney transplant. Lori was passionate about being the donor. In order to do so, Lori had to make some personal changes – that included losing weight and changing her lifestyle – in order to become qualified and also recover well from the surgery.

Lori took this task to heart – changing her nutrition and exercise routine to the tune of over 40 lbs lost and 4 pant sizes dropped!

We’re so proud of Lori. Watch the video below to see her story.

Introducing Lori Conley

Lori is an Implementation Specialist for a Healthcare Software company that is based in California. She lives in Bellevue.

Q: What was your life like before joining the MUVFit Personal Training Program?

Before MUVfit, I was tired, depressed and not at all happy with what I saw in the mirror. I was totally eating and drinking my feelings.

Q. Why did you decide to join the MUVFit program?

My son is in need of a kidney transplant, and I was passionate about being his donor. I knew I needed to lose weight in order to be healthy enough to do that and to recover quickly from the surgery.

Q. What was your first impression of the MUVFit program?

Those first few weeks of personal training, I was amazed that a trainer could have these folks, with different degrees of fitness and abilities, in the same session and give adequate attention to each. I was also in awe of some of the things I saw some of the other clients doing. They were so strong. It was a driver for me. I wanted to be able to do those same things.

Q. What have you learned?

You can’t out work bad eating habits!! That’s number one. I saw right away that the nutrition piece was so important. But, especially after the first challenge that I was a part of, it really brought that home for me. Also, I need to be patient with myself. I’m not always going to get things on the first try.

Q. How is MUVFit different from other programs you have tried before? What makes MUVFit different or unique?

I would say that MUVFit is in every way different than other programs I’ve tried. I’ve always gone it alone. Walk in to the gym, go do my thing and not really talk to anyone. I didn’t want to be pushed. I didn’t like classes. But this is so much more than a gym or a place to workout. It is a community and a family.

Q. Walk us through your journey. What results and benefits have you experienced at MUVFit?

Since joining MUVFit, I have lost over 40 pounds. But I’ve also gone down 4 pant sizes!! I actually feel good about myself, I enjoy going shopping again. I still have some work to do and goals to achieve, but I am so happy that I made the leap.

Q. What would you say to anyone looking at joining MUVFit?

This is the best decision I have ever made for myself! I love the trainers, I love my fellow clients. I love it so much that I am happy to get up for a 5:45 am WIT class or a 6 am training session. MUVFit has changed my life in so many ways.

About MUVFit

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