Personal Training

At MUVFit we provide the highest quality personal training Nashville has to offer. No matter your fitness level, MUVFit Personal Trainers will create a customized program that is effective, efficient, challenging and results-driven! Many of our personal training clients come to us from all over Greater Nashville, Belle Meade, West Meade, The Nations, and Sylvan Park and Bellevue.

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The truth is there are few things that compare to the way you feel…the sense of accomplishment, pride and confidence you get from taking ownership in your health and making the decision to look and feel the way you deserve.

Our 6 Step Personal Training Program

No matter what your current situation is, our team at MUVFit Personal Training is dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself.

Step 1: Define Your Goals

This is first and foremost. We help you define your goals, what you want to achieve  and what actions we’re going to take to get you there. We explore your WHY – and make sure your goals line up with the work you’re willing to put into it. YOU get to choose where you want to go – that’s the great part!

Step 2: Evaluate & Assess

Our second step is evaluating your starting point. We start by taking you through our Body Mapping System, which happens over the course of your first week training with us. We evaluate and score your movement patterns using our MUVFit Movement Matrix to ensure we create a program that truly fits your body and fitness level. We know quick fixes don’t stick, so we preach long-term transformation and hone in on the PROCESS of getting healthy and losing weight. Weight, body fat (we use the amazing InBody 370), skeletal muscle mass, and tracking your workout progress within our proprietary programming system will let us know exactly where you are in relation to your goal and if we need to make any necessary adjustments as you progress (this is a critical step that most others leave out).

Step 3: Customized Workout Plan

At MUVFit, our personal training sessions are unique in that you are sharing the attention of a coach during your sessions. However, EVERY client gets their OWN customized program! There’s no competition, no judging yourself against others. You will have your own customized program based on your goals and fitness level.

Step 4: Not Just Fitness Training

AT MUVFit, our goal is to change your life. Not just physically, but mentally too. You will not only get all of the expert fitness coaching you need, but also lifestyle and behavior change coaching from our expert trainers. Plus, the camaraderie and relationships you will build with those “sharing in your pain” are incredible. The atmosphere, environment and supportive nature of MUVFit is unparalleled in our industry and another reason why we are Nashville’s most sought-after personal training program.

Step 5: “Fat-Burning Inferno”

Focusing on maintaining and building your lean muscle will set the foundation for fat burning around the clock.  No ladies, this is not going to bulk you up. With the proper nutrition, building lean muscle will give you the toned look most desire. With our personal training program we focus on all of the essential resistance training movements and exercises that will help you build and maintain lean muscle. This will give you the metabolic boost you need to help you burn calories and fat 24/7.

Step 6: Accountability and Support

This is the game-changer. This is how we ensure that you are staying on track with your results and continue to “dial-in” your personalized program, optimizing it as we move forward. Your Accountability coach will re-evaluate all of your measurements and assessments and take a good, hard look at the goals you have set for yourself for the past month, 3 months, etc. We will then determine if the action steps required to achieve them have been successfully fulfilled on your end. After all, if you’re not taking action on specific things each and every month to achieve your goals, how can you be successful? As a team, we will help you overcome any challenges you are having and find solutions to be successful.

For the past 14 years, MUVFit Personal Training has helped hundreds of men and women just like you drop pounds, tone up and get into the best shape of their lives.

Nashville Personal Training Success Stories

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We’ve helped the most out of shape, sedentary folks get up off the couch and take control of their health, fitness and their life and now it’s your turn! We have fitness and fat loss results down to a science. We know how to make it fun and engaging…for everyone… regardless of your age, fitness level or past experiences.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’ve tried and failed, or have achieved some results, only to backslide… you are not alone. That is the experience so many people have, and we have the system and the program to put you back on top – to get you moving and grooving again – loving life again – feeling great again – taking back control and getting the body you really, truly want…and deserve.