Michael Has Lost 44 Pounds in 4 Months!

It’s time for our June edition of Client Spotlight of the Month. This month we celebrate the story of Michael Regier. Watch the video below to see his story.

Michael was a client at MUVFit who, after over a year of being here, wasn’t fully seeing the results he wanted to see. Yes, Michael was stronger and more “fit”, but his goal of losing weight was prohibited by his nutrition choices.

Like many clients, he thought that with enough exercise, he could “out-exercise” his diet. Also like many clients, he began to realize he couldn’t.

With a little persuading, Michael decided to participate in our New Year Revolution Challenge in January, and the rest is history, as they say.

Michael lost 18.4 lbs in the 6 week Challenge and at the time of this filming, he had lost 26 more for a total of 44lbs lost since January!

As of this writing, Michael has lost 54 lbs! Simply amazing! We’re so proud of Michael.

Q&A With Michael Reiger

Introducing Michael Regier! He is the General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He and his spouse Gordon live in a condo building in Central Nashville not far from Centennial Park.

Q: What was your life like before joining the MUVFit Personal Training Program?
We moved to Nashville in February 2016 when I was recruited for my current job at VUMC. I have exercised regularly for most of my adult life; but I know that I have worked the hardest when I have a relationship with a personal trainer. Although I was working out regularly, I didn’t see myself making any progress. I was getting frustrated, and also concerned, because I’m not getting any younger– and I want to position myself to age healthfully, and to continue to live independently as long as I can.

Q. Why did you decide to join the MUVFit program?
I knew that I wanted to start up again with personal training; so I did some web research. When we lived in Austin, we belonged to a great small gym with some excellent certified trainers, and so I knew I was looking for something that was going to be smaller, and more personalized. My web searching all pointed me in the direction of MUVFit—so I reached out. And here I am now!

Q. What was your first impression of the MUVFit program?
I was initially impressed with the very structured and intentional way that new clients are on-boarded. And in particular, it really grabbed me that new client orientation highlighted the written values on the wall, and emphasized their importance. I also immediately saw that folks here—everyone, staff and clients—treated each other politely and respectfully, which makes it all the easier to think about coming in to train.

Q. What tools have you learned?
Wow: so many! But overall, the emphasis on creating—and sticking to—healthy habits is probably the biggest tool. And of course, the Revolution Challenge which started this past January is something that really has revolutionized the way that we shop, cook and eat. Another key insight—and one of which I have to continually remind myself—is that you can’t “out-exercise” a consistently unhealthy or undisciplined diet. You can have a cheat night (or even two, LOL); you can go on a vacation and splurge; and that’s the sort of thing that exercise can help you manage. But it doesn’t work, if you’re trying to “exercise off” a diet that’s unhealthy, 7 days a week. Last but absolutely not least: making the time to plan and prep. My work life is incredibly busy and very hectic; so planning and prepping makes it so much easier to make good, healthy choices at meal time and snack time.

Q. How is MUVFit different from other programs you have tried before? What makes MUVFit different or unique?
I love the atmosphere—everyone who is employed at MUVFit has a great positive energy, and seems very genuinely interested in supporting you in challenging yourself, and in reaching your goals. Folks find a way to offer constructive feedback about needed changes; but really, it’s a very positive and supportive environment, in which small accomplishments are recognized and reinforced.

Q. Walk us through your journey. What results and benefits have you experienced at MUVFit?
The real turning point for me came right at year’s end. I just felt so bad, physically, through the whole Christmas and New Year’s season; and I hated what I was seeing in the mirror, body-wise. So when Daniel and Branden both gently but persistently encouraged me to sign up for the Revolution Challenge in January this year, I did it, and BOY, did it ever work: phenomenally so.

I weighed in for the challenge at 230.1 pounds. As of May 15, just four months later, I weigh 186.8. pounds. So I’ve dropped a whopping total of 43.3 pounds. I look like an entirely different person—and more importantly, I feel like one, too. I have more energy, I feel more confident, and the thought of shopping for clothes is no longer torture. My spouse did the Challenge, too, and has dropped more than 20 pounds—and says we both look younger, ha! My goal now is making sure that I sustain this level of achievement, because I never want to go back. And honestly, I don’t think I will: I love this different way of eating, and how I feel as a result. Besides, when it comes down to it, there’s no tempting treat—no matter what it may be—that will taste as good to me as it feels to be more than 40 pounds lighter!

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