Meagan Finally Taking Care of “Me” Again

4 months before before joining MUVFit, my second child was born. Prior to this pregnancy, I was regularly working out and running half marathons and had started my own business. Like most new parents, I was struggling to grasp any sort of balance in meeting all of the demands that come along with the wonderful gift of having children and working full time. I remember a specific morning when I grabbed a cookie for breakfast on my way out the door because it was the quickest, easiest thing I could grab to put in my body.

I realized the way I was feeling about myself was a reflection of the way I was taking care of myself. It was at that moment I gave myself permission to start taking care of “me” again.

I felt humbled and discouraged as I showed up to MUVFit for the first few sessions. It seemed like a long, impossible road to get back to where I was before the pregnancy.

Every time I show up, the team at MUVFit meets me wherever I am that day, loves me, encourages me, and pushes me to achieve more than I knew I was capable of.

The people at MUVFit have helped me find physical, mental and emotional strength in myself that I had never tapped into before. I have worked at coming to an understanding and have to continually remind myself that self-care is not selfish, in fact it is the greatest gift I can give to myself and those around me. It feels good to feel good again.

Individual results vary for every client based on the number of times per week they train and outside factors such as nutrition and adherence to programs.