Marie lost 21 lbs and 8% bodyfat!

Our story this month is one of consistency, loyalty, and community.

Marie Miscia is a busy person. As a very active member of the Nashville music scene, she spends time working with radio stations around town – often with late night events on the regular.

Marie is a unique client at MUVFit because she’s seen the transition over the years – from a 1200 square foot private studio that only did 1-on-1 training to the 3600 square foot fitness studio that it is today. She has done several different things during her time here, but settled in on Group Training when that became an offering.

It took a while for Marie to fully grasp how important nutrition was to the “health” puzzle, but when she did, the results speak for themselves!

Marie has lost 21lbs and 8% bodyfat in 8 months – all from a rededication to her goals and the acceptance that her old habits weren’t working. She had to change her mindset to change her life.

Q: What was your life like before joining the MUVFit Personal Training Program?
My life before joining MUVFIt was 6 years ago. I moved to Nashville from Boston in 2011. It took a year of a friend suggesting MUVFit to me before I had the guts to check it out. In my life before MUVFit I considered myself an active person – I love to hike in the words or explore a greenway – but I had recently moved to Nashville and definitely was enjoying my fair share of biscuits and banana pudding.

Q. Why did you decide to join the MUVFit program? 
I decided to join MUVFit because I wanted structure in my workouts. I wanted someone to teach me how to move correctly. I remember after one of my first training sessions thinking I would never be able to do a squat!

Q. What was your first impression of the MUVFit program? First week, month, etc.
I remember immediately being comfortable at MUVFit.  I had a coach that was committed to me and a plan! I also remember early on that I met friends while we were clients working out together. Back in those days we all bonded over working out so that we could enjoy a beer or 2!

Q. What have been some of the tools you have learned that have benefited you?
One of the biggest tools that I have learned recently was the value of nutrition in your diet. I always heard to cut out sugar and limit carbs. I NEVER thought I could live with that plan! Blasphemy that I can’t have dessert every night! I made a commitment to myself in the last few months to be aware of my nutrition and cut out added sugar. Sure, I indulge from time to time but I don’t miss added sugar.

Q. How is MUVFit different from other programs you have tried before? What makes MUVFit different or unique?
MUVFit really has become my second family! The program is different because it’s customizable to your needs. While you might still be in a group setting, you are getting one-on-one coaching and a plan that changes on the regular. I believe that MUVFit is different and unique because it is so welcoming. I feel like I have made friends for life with my Fit Fam!

Q. Walk us through your journey. What results and benefits have you experienced at MUVFit?
My biggest “win” and is that in the last 8 months with consistent dedication to my nutrition and workout plan, I have lost over 21 lbs and 8% body fat while maintaining my skeletal muscle mass. I’ve also found a new spark of energy and pants that fit differently!

I was inspired following the Summer Transformation Challenge in 2017 where we focused on nutrition and logging our food. Following that challenge, I committed to stick close to a macros plan and nutritional program to become a new way of life.

Q. What would you say to anyone looking at joining MUVFit?
I would encourage anyone looking to join MUVFit to come and check it out. It can be intimidating to walk in the door and admit that you need help, but don’t let that stop you. It’s time to take back your life and commit to YOU!

If you’d like to learn more about how Bob succeeded with the help of MUVFit, reply and let me know. We’re happy to chat with you about your goals and help you come up with a plan of success!

MUVFit’s Nashville personal trainers help clients just like Marie lose weight and feel great through our Nashville group training program for weight loss and fitness in Nashville, Tennessee. Our Nashville Personal Training and Group Fitness program is great if you are in West Nashville, The Gulch, 12 South, Bellevue, Green Hills, Brentwood and surrounding Nashville, TN cities.

Individual results vary for every client based on the number of times per week they train and outside factors such as nutrition and adherence to programs