Peter Has Lost 32 lbs in 3 Months!

It’s time for our May edition of Client Spotlight of the Month.

This month we celebrate Peter Thurmond! Peter owns his own business with 14 employees. He lives in West Nashville. Peter came to us a couple years ago with big goals to get healthy, lose weight, and feel better. He was working towards those goals when he got some bad news – cancer. Peter, always upbeat and smiling, was about to go through a very challenging year. Watch the video below to see his story.

No matter what, when you’d see Peter he kept a smile on his face and a positive attitude. Not an easy task with the uncertainty, multiple surgeries, and constant setbacks. Peter got past the worst of it and started back at MUVFit with renewed determination. He accepted our New Year New You Challenge in January and CRUSHED it! Peter lost 19.2lbs of bodyfat in 6 weeks! More importantly, Peter kept it going and lost 32lbs from January through March.

We’re so proud of Peter. Check out the Q&A below to learn more about his journey.

Q&A With Peter Thurmond

Q: What was your life like before joining the MUVFit Personal Training Program?
I was very sedentary. Would work long hours each week and just sit down once I came home. Ate far too much at meals and snacks. Only surpassed by the unhealthiness of the items I was consuming.

Q. Why did you decide to join the MUVFit program?
I drove past MUVfit for years and thought it was close to home, easy to get to, why not try it. I had done the Y, big chain gyms, and on my own. Nothing ever seemed to work for me, mainly because of me.

Q. What was your first impression of the MUVFit program?
I remember going to my intro meeting with Daniel to get started. Daniel was so sincere in his belief I could get where I wanted to be, I decide to go for it and signed up for personal training. Then I had my assessment…I thought for sure I had failed the admissions test! But as the first month passed, I realized what a terrific community I become a part of. That Team pushed me and encouraged me at every juncture. But also held me accountable. Making sure i was eating the right things at the right times…and the right quantities!

Q. What have you learned?
Preparing ahead for meals and sticking to a plan. My eating habits have changed tremendously…not perfect by any means..but so much better. Finding that I could eat right and not feel like I am punishing myself was big for me.

Q. How is MUVFit different from other programs you have tried before? What makes MUVFit different or unique?
At MUVfit you are not a number, you are family. The entire staff is interested in you and your journey and help so much. Everyone is there for you. They know you and want to hear how you are doing. The information and emphasis on nutrition and the getting the right foods is also something you don’t get other places. The nutrition piece is thoroughly and smoothly integrated into the program.

Q. Walk us through your journey. What results and benefits have you experienced at MUVFit?
After joining in February of 2016, my time at MUVfit was interrupted by some health issues and surgeries. Once I was able to get back on track in January of 2018, I have lost 32 pounds from January through March. I have more energy than I have had in years. My family notices it. I am able to get so much more done at work, just more focused. My blood pressure was high but has returned to normal during this time for the first time in 3 years. I feel stronger and can tell a huge difference when I work around our farm on weekends. I really enjoyed the last 6 week challenge. Great food and recipes (with quantities). I had done MUVfit’s 4 week one in fall of 2016, but this second one i was involved with has made good habits stick. If you are a MUVfit member and have not done a challenge yet, I encourage you to do so.

Q. What would you say to anyone looking at joining MUVFit?
You will not find a place like it anywhere! Joining would be the greatest gift you could give yourself and your family. You will see what it is like to be guided by great people, who are experts in this field, and that care about you so much as an individual.

Are you ready for your transformation?

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